Sheela Beniwal



Winter season I always wait for, I enjoy every morning when it looks white cotton spread every where 
While enjoying the fog, I stood in the balcony with a cup of tea in my hand/ Suddenly my eyes stopped at the shop of the front colony, I saw a little girl properly dressed in a school uniform and waiting for her school bus, watching her I want back to my childhood memories.
What a beautiful day !!! without any responsibilities my life was passing under the shadow of mother’s care, those was the beautiful phase of my life.. 
I still remember, Maa used to say me “Girls were the beautiful creatures, almighty create them with all energy. So, my child you can do anything and everything. There is a form of power in every woman.”
After thinking about my childhood days , my cup of tea when came to an end  and that too I didn’t  even  know now. Till today, I think, if my mother did not   imparts the valuable lesson, my life would become worthless.
As I was getting ready for my college, I received a call from my close buddy “Rajeswari”  
Rajeswari” Hi Sukanya!!! How are you? 
Me: All Good, You Say?
Rajeswari: I am happy to share good news with you finally my dream comes true, promoted as a Senior RAS officer.
Me: Rajeswari, I am so happy you don’t even know how much I am happy for you. God bless, once I reach Jaipur we will celebrate. Love you and take care
Rajeswari: You too take care.
Once I drop my call, I remember how Rajeswari overcame with all her struggles. 
Jaipur land of hopes and dreams for “IAS” & “RAS” aspirants.  To fulfill my dreams, I too land in the city of hopes.  My dream to become an RAS officer.
Doing some research in coaching institute I decided to join RAU’s IAS/RAS centre. The day I enrolled for the program at RAU’S institute, I saw the positive vibes and energy among the youth, such a vibrant and dynamic class. I enjoyed the session at RAU’s. 
Days passed, I still remember one bright morning when I met Rajeswari at coaching institute, she wore a cotton salwar kurta and holding a khadi bag, her timid gestures drew my attention and without thinking much, I approached towards her and ask Ma’am how can I help you?
Me: Ma’am how can I help you
Rajeswari: I am new in the city as well as in the coaching institute please show me the direction, today is my first day.
Me: Sure, For RAS preparation?
Rajeswari: Yes. 
Me and Rajeswari move towards the class. For Rajeswari it was her first class and for me this was the second week in the coaching institute.
We spend our day well in coaching institute and after the class get over I introduced her with some of my study group members. 
Days passed; our friendship grew stronger. 
One sunny afternoon, I saw Rajeswari was all alone in one corner of the institute and crying, seeing that I get bit nervous and console her with bottle of water. I told if you have any issues please let me know, crying is not the solution of any problems.
Rajeswari: Sukanya, you are right, crying is not the solution of any problem. My problem is that I am not able to follow the class.
Me: Ohh, that the issue, I will help you out.
Rajeswari: My problem is bit different.
Me: Then please, tell me in detail in the morning. But for now, let’s join the class. 
Rajeswari: Yeah, let’s move for the class
After few hours, class gets over and I told Rajeswari let us come to my room, we will have dinner together and spend quality time too… Its weekend lets take break from our study.
Those days I was staying at “Vaishali Nagar” and my coaching Centre was located at Lal chowk, Jaipur. To reach my destination we catch a local city bus and finally reached our destination.
As we entered our room, my room seems like a bachelor room, untidy. Somehow I arranged and asked her to have a seat in the chair.
Me: Rajeswari, please tell me, why you were upset in the afternoon
Rajeswari: Sukanya, I am 42 yrs old lady, after 22 years long break I made up my mind and decided to appear for the RAS exam. 
Me: Oh! That the reason. But age is just a number. You can start your career in any point of time. Me too after 6yrs long gap, I decided to continue my education. So, this is not the issue. I will help you out.
Rajeswari: Thanks you Sukanya, but I have a others issue too. I am a widow lady and my two kids were studying in college. Daughter she is doing her Fashion degree from NIFT institute and my son he is in 12th std. 
Me: I am sorry to hear this; I understand your situation so well. I am sorry to ask this, how this happened umm!! ummm!! What happened to Sir?
Rajeswari: He was in business, and by the god’s grace it was running successfully. Money makes the men avaricious, my husband and his partner decided to purchase property in Rwanda and Uganda and finally they purchased land in those locations.
Time flies, business were growing and their never ending money-oriented nature didn’t stop to acquire land in foreign land. In the year 2014 my husband went to Rwanda for his land related issues. Rwanda, was famous for mafia and dacoit problems, in one sudden mafia attacks my husband was killed. It was the nightmare days of my life. To bring his dead body from the foreign land we spend 50lacs.My dream house get shattered all responsibilities came to my shoulder. After that I entirely devote my life in my kids’ education and upbringing, now they are settled well. So I thought I should resume my career, with that thought I joined RAU’s institute.
Me: You are strong lady; I will help you in your study.
Rajeswari: Thank you, Sukanya
With that note, our talks come to end, and our cooking too comes to end.
Let us celebrate friendship dinner, Rajeswari.
Times flies, our exam date approached, and we appear for the exam.
After few months, our result declared. Though I did not clear my exam, but I am happy that Rajeswari cleared the exam.
Now she is holding a RAS officer position. 
Women you are born to fly high, no roadblock can stop you.