Hobbies have great role in personality development and confidence building
Personality and confidence are the two facets of life which are very useful in success. Development of personality takes time and efforts. Confidence is also build up over the time with the small successes we have. 
Hobbies play a crucial role in development of personality and confidence of a person. But choosing a hobby is very tricky and crucial. All of us are unique, that is why our hobbies and interest differs. Before starting a hobby we have to find out activities we get involved easily and can explore the activity more. But when you get hooked, you will feel that your hobby became the integral part of your life. Having a hobby benefits up one or different way. We can list out top 10 benefits as below.
1.Hobby helps your mental health
2. Hobby improves creativity
3. Hobby reduces stress
4. Hobby improves your career
5. Hobby provides additional income
6. Hobby allow you to explore yourself and your talents
7. Hobby prevent you from wasting time and creating bad habits
8. Hobby improves your self-confidence and self-esteem
9. Hobby makes you to keep going 
10.Hobby improves self satisfaction
Your mentors are following different hobbies. They are writing poems, doing photography, writing stories, doing painting , making videos for youtube, singing and many more. Hobbies may be countless and you can choose, invent, and start any hobby. But start at least one hobby which will keep you going. 
There is a myth “Hobbies wastes critical time of students”. Hobbies take your time but your efficiency will improve significantly if you devote few minutes to rejoice yourself. 


मृत्यु और सृजन

विश्व पटल पर जब आया,
एक प्रश्न चिन्ह संग वो लाया ।
क्या है वह जो ये द्वैत करे,

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सात अजूबे

गाँव के स्कूल में पढने वाली छुटकी आज बहुत खुश थी, उसका दाखिला शहर के एक अच्छे

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thought writing

जिसके भीतर कुछ और है बाहर कुछ और है,विश्वासघाती मनुष्य कभी सफल नहीं होता।यकी

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Photography comes in mind whenever we enjoy some life event, function else when we go on a trip. we save our memories for longer duration in photographs. We always feel delited whenever we open a photo which was taken years back. Photography is an art. Now a days photography also become the hobby of many. Photography increases your creativity, provides networking to good photographer, increases your enjoyment in trips. A good photographer always keep his camera with him. You can have so much of fun with your camera while clicking photographs also icreases your style and personality. Dreamentor is featuring one of your mentor, a super chemist, a great photographer and passionate travel blogger “Lonely Musafir”

Lonely Musafir "Deepak"


Youtube is a platform for people to showcase their talent, creativity and knowledge to the world. It provides you the opportunity of owning your own channel where you can upload videos to be watched and liked by the public. Dreamentor is featuring one of mentor and youtuber “Nomedic Naveen” He is a person of travelling. He likes to go various places to explore natural and cultural aspects of the locals. He feels, it enhances the quality of life. Travelling teaches you so many things like how to live in different circumstances and how to be happy in every circumstance. He uses Youtube as a platform to maintain his own repository of lifetime memories by uploading travel videos and sharing his experiences with others. When we think about hobbies it is just to have the best use of our spare time. But in case of youtube your hobby can turn into a good source of income as well. Yes, Youtube gives returns to youtubers based on likes and views of a video. So its like having the double best uses of your spare time by fulfilling your hobby and earning at the same time. Mr Naveen Saini is a full time IT engineer and Part time youtube, Think what do you do in your spare time???............

Nomedic Naveen



Technology is a part of life. We can’t imagine our life without products from latest technology eg Smart phone became the essential for survival but it was inexistent 10 years ago. Technology is upgrading day by day, we need to keep ourself updated. Some mentors are sharing their knowledge through blogs. Blogs came into existence in early 2000’s. There are 600 million blogs in the world today, out of over 1.7 billion are websites. Blogs promote perfect reader engagement. Most of the time blogs provide good amount of information. Knowledge blogging is a way to share expertise with world while building a potentially valuable readership. It also help experts to share about their projects and developments. Some companies utilises technical blogs for showcasing their products and services. Some mentors sharing their technical expertise through their blogs. Dreamentor is featuring one of your mentor, a great computer engineer and fantastic knowledge blogger.
Read From his Web "We learn every day in all the situations of life, good or bad. The learning matures only by sharing, you explore more of yourself by giving it away to others. Writing helps me discover what I know, and that I can say confidently. I created this space to share my learning with great care."

<Kuldeep Singh , A knowledge blogger