Ashwani Kumar Jangra


  Extending Patrimonial Culture  

I vividly remember that rainy evening, after my 10th board exam and waiting for our result, this evening was special to me as it changed my life. I was busy in countless vague discussions with my classmates at my home, suddenly one of my close friend asked me what is my future plan after board exams.  This question stopped all conversations and made me numb. I had no answer of this question at that moment, rather this question shook me and hunting me for three days and finally after days of brainstorm I found the answer of my question. 
I belongs to a traditional Haryanvi family, where my elders were deeply in technical profession. I always get inspired seeing my father repairing television in their shop, I didn’t think about being an engineer, but after that meeting with my old friend ignited an engineer within myself, I had a dream to become an engineer and pursue the patrimonial culture of my family. 

My father is very curious about my career even till today and he always tries to know about my future plans and always inquire me. I had never made a future plane nor I gave a thought in this regard. But this time my approach is different and I was with a plan in front of him by my own.
My board exam results were out and I passed with first class, I took Diploma entrance test, achieved a good rank in district and now it was a time to choose the college and stream, my father suggested me to take mechanical engineering but I choose Electronics and communication engineering in a Govt. Polytechnic collage which was in my home town. 
Later I completed  my B. Tech with same branch, and passed with first class marks in 2012, but my journey onwards was not that much easy,  India was going through a major economic slowdown . I was jobless for 6 months. I tried to un turn all stones and after days of  hard work  I got job. It is a very small firm with employee strength is  25-30 including labour, where they import the material of speakers and woofers from china, assembles, test and sale them  India. I was recruited as a testing/ quality engineer. But sometimes when the labour was not present I had to pack the boxes of woofers and speakers, I got  frustrated and determined too that I will do something good in my life 
After few days I changed my job, I became a Technical supervisor in a Power Plant in material handling department, I was recruited as contract worker , I was assigned work among some ITI holders, initially It was quite tough to tackle the situation as ambitions of my co-workers were low and they were  putting their full energy to avoid work load. The existing staff were not that good with  new joined and put most of the load on them, but I took it  as an opportunity and did hard work and I became In charge of team in just one year. It was impossible to handle the situations and cross all the hurdles without the support from two great mentors Mr. Dheer Singh and Mr. Anil Malik, they both were my reporting bosses but always treated me as their younger brother and helped me in each and every situation.
Now I am an on roll employee in a Germany based multinational company and posted as Sr. Engineer-C&I Responsible for complete Material handling plant maintenance in a Petrol Refinery in Punjab. I am handsomely earning for my family and living happily.