Mukhe Singh


  An Accidental NRI  

“God has bigger plan: A heart touching story of Mukhe Singh”
An inspirational journey of Mukhe Singh from Kota to USA.  "Mr Mukhe Singh accidently reached Kota and became an Engineer.  At present, he is a renowned Engineer, serving at Larsen & Turbo Infotech Limited as a Project Leader in USA. 
The kickoff of his life changing journey started in 2003 when his classmate Mr Mahesh was going Kota to pursue his dream for Engineering.  Mahesh was a pampered and single child of his family so his father was looking for some companion for his son. So, his father discussed with Mukhe’s father regarding his son companionship at Kota. In those days family and financial conditions of the Mukhe’s was not strong, his father was a vegetable vendor at Delhi. Hardly his father was earning bread and butter to survive his eight family members.
While listening Mahesh father plan, he decided to send Mukhe  to Kota to pursue . Father always have a big and brave heart they can do anything to fulfil their children’s dream. Mukhe’s father also did the same , he managed and borrow some money as a loan from a money lender so his son’s can move to Kota.
The day arrived when  Mukhe’s left for Kota, he was the first member of his family who travelled long route to follow his dream . He took admission in a renowned coaching institute at Kota where he promised himself within a year he will crack the Engineering Entrance EXAM, he was determined and self discipline student and by god’s grace he cleared the exam within a year.
He took admission in RTU Kota with electrical engineering. He was a Hindi medium student so his Engineering college journey was not that easy, he struggled to understand the lectures where he could learned the engineering concept.  In early days of his college he was not able to crack most of the lectures, first year at college was horrible He was just managed to pass in all subject. 
The journey from Hindi medium poor family students to English speaking IT expert serving USA was very difficult. But he did it with his hard work, dedication and determination.
The journey could be somewhat simple If he could find some good mentor. So he want what has happened to him should not happen with others and so became a part of Dreamentor core team to guide and support needy students.