Dr. Ramchandra Rundla


  Destiny lose to determination and hardwork  

Had a dream in childhood to become a doctor and pursuing the same dream, got admission in Science Biology at Shahpura Shri Kalyan Singh School. Although I secured a good scores at 10th std and decided to opt for science domain in my village school.
I was again topper in class 12 and decided to enroll at Allen Career Institute in Kota to follow my dream to become a doctor. I almost competed my 5 months at coaching institute and  studies were at its peak.  But destiny is writing something else for me apparently I was suffering from high fever   and my body doesn’t allow me to do hard wor , it was a tough fight between my body, mind and soul.   And within few more days my body didn’t supported me and I rushed to hospital where  doctors diagnosed  me with Hepatitis C. My doctor advised me if you want to stay fit and healthy you must quit KOTA city as water and climate is not suitable for you. After doctor’s advice my heart filled with tears suddenly my dream seems to become fade.
But there is a famous saying “God help those who help themselves”, I came to Jaipur and enrolled in medical coaching institute to pursue me dream to become doctor.  By god’s  great plan, I didn’t cleared my medical entrance and without investing my precious time in coaching I enroll in a college for graduation in science , there I came to know about civil service exam.
Because of this, I got off from the subject of science and decided to become an administrative officer, moving in the same direction and took admission in Rajasthan College of Jaipur with Arts as my core subject and Started preparing day and night. My happiness was on moon when college started back after BA second year holidays, then my teacher Dr. Naresh Malik told me that I have topped college in BA Second Year. A new confidence in mind aroused and  I Started preparing for administrative examinations with BA with full commitment. I started regular study of journals, NCERT Books, Pratiyogita Darpan, Chronicle etc. with college books. After completing BA I  went to Delhi for the preparation of civil services but Destiny tricked me again and again, this time my physical health didn’t support me and I severely fall ill. I was forced to leave Delhi. From there, I continued to prepare for civil services in Jaipur. Every time I passed the preliminary exam, but I could not succeed in main examination. 
 At the same time, I received a master's degree from the Department of History of the University of Rajasthan and subsequently a postgraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. Even after tireless efforts in civil services, I was not able to succeed. I got M. Phil and M. Ed and finally Ph.D. During this period I worked as an Assistant Professor for 3 years in the Government College of Chimanpura.  I got second grade teacher selection in 2011 but after 8 months the result was revived and I was out. But I never let the failure dominate me and continued my academic career. I got my papers published in more than 10 journals and I wrote one book “ राजस्थान मे  जन जागरण एवं पत्रकारिता ”.
 In 2013, the school lecturer examination came 5th in the waiting list but no waiting was cleared. When applying RTI, I asked RPSC for my answer sheet and answer key, I was very surprised that there were many irregularities in it. I took recourse to the court and I won the case in single bench and double bench but the government went to the Supreme Court and I was forced to give up. I did not give up and was selected in the lecturer recruitment exam for the year 2015 but again in the case went to court and we won after 2 years of hard struggle.
 In June 2017, I was appointed as a lecturer. The struggle lasted for a long time, beginning with the preparation of PMT in 1998, the struggle was completed by the appointment of lecturer in 2017 and during this time there were numerous failures. The college lecturer came back by reaching the interview and the public relations officer came back from the interview Returned from the interview for Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi, on many occasions, came very close to success and returned empty handed but was never disappointed by the failure. And continued to enrich and strive for his academic record. Although I could not become what I wanted, I am satisfied that my academic record is rich today. Today, hundreds of students have received state service under my guidance and I am constantly guiding such students so that any student can be guided Do not be deprived of your desired career in the absence. Because accurate guidance is the key to success.