Dalpat Singh Rathore


  ………..And he Became the RAS officer  

After first failure students lose interest in the target, after second failure they lose hope for success, and if third failure happens, they lose their confidence and leave the target permanently & try to forget it.

This may be true for many of us, but Mr Dal Pat Singh Rathore is different. Being weak in studies he failed thrice in 12th board examination and five times in his graduation but he was so determined that he never lost hope and was continuously striking hard to hit the target. He managed to pass his BA examination with third division.

All degrees are not of any use if not converted in good earning. For any lower middle class students most preferable earning is govt job.  He was struggling hard to cope up with his weakness in studies and after his rigorous hard work for one year he got selected for the “Gram Sevek Exam”. He got a govt. job.

He wrote an article on Maharana Pratap in a magazine “SanghSakti Kramak Patirka ,”.  Mr Gajendra Singh read his article and got impressed by his writing skills and suggested him try for administrative exams. But he was low in confidence due to his poor performance in academics. Mr Gajendra Singh became his mentor and helped him to gain his confidence back.  

He asked his family to join coaching for IAS at Delhi, Many of his relatives laughed at him, Commented like “ जिसने बारहवीं चार साल में पास करि हो वो क्या आईएएस बनेगा?”. By listening this type of comment from many his weakness took over him and he dropped his plan to prepare for UPSC. His heart was still insisting him to prepare for administrative exam.

He shared his thoughts with his mother, Suman Kanwar Devda and wife, Vinod Kanwar. These two women appreciated his idea and asked him to prepare for RPSC exam. His brother Rajendra Singh also motivated him for the exam.

He started his preparation and his hard work brought good fruits, he got selected in state services with 448 rank and posted as a Co-operative Inspector. He got one of the most desirable govt jobs in Rajasthan. Everybody from his family was celebrating his success but he was not satisfied. His aim was to become an administrative officer.

He started his preparation with more focus and dedication, within two years he read all study material related to RPSC and finally his dream come true.

“He got selected in Rajasthan Administrative Service, got 55 ranks”. By virtue of his hard work and continuous efforts he responded to all his leg-pullers.

This true story is a perfect example of a Hindi Proverb “कौनकहता है कि आसमां में सुराख नहीं हो सकता, एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारों.....”.

Now we can say “Never die attitude always wins”.