Vikky Chouhan


  Hard work leads me to station master  

My name is Vicky Chouhan, I belong to a poor family of a small village in Rajasthan. My father runs a tea stall, he hardly earn the bread and butter for my 7 member family. All my friends studied in private school but I always studied from government school. I was not very bright in studies but I always enjoyed solving sums of Mathematics. I never got first division till class 10, so could not get admission in good schools. I worked hard in class 12th and passed with good marks, got first division for the first time. 
It was the time to choose the right path for further studies. Most of my friends were going to study engineering. I also wanted to become an engineer but expenses are high in engineering and we were not able to bear the cost of engineering, so I decided to take admission in B.Sc-Mathematics. After joining, I had another problem, My college was 40 km away from my house and for that I had to go there by bus every day and the condition of the house was so bad that I was unable to pay the bus fare every day, so I used to bunk college and ended with attending very few lectures, due to which the results of my college have not been very good. 
Somehow I completed my college but I realised until I start earning, my financial problems cannot be reduced. Nowadays the competition is so much for every employment job and without coaching you cannot even think of getting a government job. I had two options at that time, either I should continue my studies or leave studies to help my father in family expenditures. At that point I decided to get a job at any cost.  The goal was clear to me. Due to my keen interest in Mathematics I had good grasp in mathematics, so taking leverage of my knowledge I started teaching some children and started preparing myself as well.  I worked hard for this, I was not able to complete my sleep, my body was not supporting me so much, but my goal was my strength and I was working hard day by day. 
Despite 3 years of hard work, I could not get a job.  I had given a lot of exams and in almost all the exams I used to miss out on merit list by one or two marks. I felt that luck is not in my favor.  I will not get job ever, disappointing thoughts started coming in mind, but still I did not lose courage and I continued to work hard. At the same time, I came to know about the railway vacancies and I felt that many aspirants will get job in this vacancy. I thought this was one last hope. 
I increased my pace; I gave up my part time job. This time I got the sweet fruits from my hard work, I cleared preliminary examination. I kept working hard, I cleared mains with good marks and finally all my sorrows were over, my happiness was on cloud high when I came to know that I have been selected on the post of Station Master in Indian Railways. 

During my entire studies, I always believed that talent is not necessary to achieve success, even thorough hard work and dedication; you can achieve the biggest goal.