Ved Prakash Tyagi


  Journey of my life  

The Retirement day is not a mere other day it has its own importance in one’s life, the person who is retiring generally review what he achieved in his life.  

I Ved Prakash Tyagi started my career with technician in a very small company and now I am retiring as a deputy manager from a Maharatna Company NTPC Limited. My life journey may be inspirational for the students who are doing ITI and regret for not joining Engineering Degree. 

It is not important where you start, It is more important that what you achieve with your continuous efforts. 
I was born in a middle class family at village Niwari , Ghaziabad ,Uttar Pradesh.  I am the 2nd child of my parents. I was an average student in my school days with a polite nature. The winter days of school up to 8th class was very difficult, I clearly remember shivering in class room as sweater was not allowed and school uniform is half pant and shirt.
I was not that good in studies but I had keen interest in mathematics so I chose science stream. I have passed high school with 54% marks and intermediate with 45% marks. My parents could not give any guidance for further studies due to lack of their knowledge. So I took admission in mathematics. My medium for education changed at his level and I could not score good marks in Graduation but my scores in mathematics was comparatively good (70%).
Many of my friends were filling the form of Ordinance Factory Muradnagar, I also filled the form by suggestion from one of my friends.  This was the turning point for my life and I got selected as fitter trade apprentice in OFM Muradnager and completed my training in 1981. After this course I had two choices either to work with my family in field or search for some work.  I was not interested in agriculture so I joined Pentagon screws and fasteners Ltd as a technician at Gaziabad with salary Rs 350 per month.  

I was not satisfied with my job, I am rigorously searching for new options and I got two options. I passed two competition at a time first technician trainee NTPC, Second trade man B for OFTI Kanpur. The message from both the organisations received to me on same day that was the happiest moment of my life. Once I had no government jobs and now I have two, I chose NTPC as artisan trainee in 1982 from where my actual career is started. 

I was already married when I joined in NTPC with Smt Meena Tyagi. She is fully devoted to my family and my career. At NTPC I met with executives of my age and I decided to do Engineering. She encouraged me enrol in AMIE, but due to lack of time during my job at SSTPP, I could complete only 04 papers. When I was transferred to Dadri project and promoted to supervisor then I again started my studies and completed AMIE (mechanical) in 2003. I was much habitual to watching TV for long durations but during all my studies I followed one simple rule “Box up the TV for the exam durations”.

I have three very bright children, one son Tribhuwan and two daughters Indu & Rashmi. My Son is working in EIL and married to Smt Monika a BHMS Doctor and my elder daughter is a Doctor and younger is a teacher. 
My parental house at Village Niwari, Ghaziabad and also purchased a house in Vasundhra Ghaziabad. Now I am going to be retired on 31.07.2020 from NTPC as Deputy Manager. I had also made my retirement plans.
I want to thanks my family, friends, my well wishers, NTPC and GOD to give me strength and support to achieve these dreams. Contributions of my wife Smt Meena Tyagi in all my endeavors are priceless and she shares all credits of my achievements.