Youtube as a hobby

Youtube is a platform for people to showcase their talent, creativity and knowledge to the world. 
It provides you the opportunity of owning your own channel where you can upload videos to be watched and liked by the public. 
Dreamentor is featuring one of mentor and youtuber “Nomedic Naveen”
He is a person of travelling. He likes to go various places to explore natural and cultural aspects of the locals. 
He feels, it enhances the quality of life. Travelling teaches you so many things like how to live in different circumstances and how to be happy in every circumstance.  
He uses Youtube as a platform to maintain his own repository of lifetime memories by uploading travel videos and sharing his experiences with others. 
When we think about hobbies it is just to have the best use of our spare time. 
But in case of youtube your hobby can turn into a good source of income as well. 
Yes, Youtube gives returns to youtubers based on likes and views of a video. 
So its like having the double best uses of your spare time by fulfilling your hobby and earning at the same time.
Mr Naveen Saini is a full time IT engineer and Part time youtube, 
Think what do you do in your spare time???............
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