Photography as a hobby

Photography comes in mind whenever we enjoy some life event, function else when we go on a trip. we save our memories for longer duration in photographs. We always feel delited whenever we open a photo which was taken years back. Photography is an art. Now a days photography also become the hobby of many. Photography increases your creativity, provides networking to good photographer, increases your enjoyment in trips. A good photographer always keep his camera with him. You can have so much of fun with your camera while clicking photographs also icreases your style and personality. 
Dreamentor is featuring one of your mentor, a super chemist, a great photographer and passionate travel blogger “Lonely Musafir”

The Wrikled hope-"The portrait is of one such hardworking man. Their contribution for the nation is nothing less than someone standing on the fronts protecting the nation."

A Night View "IGSTPP Resorvior" by Lonely musafir

Video shoot by Lonely musafir

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Lonely Musafir "Deepak"