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Hello ,I am Rahi Shukla i am in college pursuing engineering in computer science branch second year. my query is how can i get international internship not the research type but in software field.
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asked     2022-02-19 19:38:01 rahi shukla
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Suggestions (2)

You can get an internship by following simple steps
1. Prepare a good resume 
2. Send it to your alumni group 
3. Search for institutes that are giving opportunities, you can also take help from one platform "AISEC" as I know.
For any further information, you can comment in this thread only. So that other mentors can reply.
2022-02-22 18:21:48 Dheer
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You will also need a letter of recommendation from your college.
2022-02-22 18:25:57 DIVYANSH SAXENA
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