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Summer holidays
What all things I can do in summer holidays to make them fruitful, with respect to my career?
Career graduation
asked     2021-01-25 09:48:21 Ayushman shukla
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What is your intrests and stream ?EDIT 1   2021-01-26 22:40:31Adding to anoop sir, you may have coaching and expertise in autocad and some other design softwares in mechanical engineering
2021-01-25 18:07:18 Ashwani Kumar Jangra
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Ayushman , looking at your CGPA it's clear that you have strong hold  over your Engineering subjects... To make your holidays more fruitful with respect to your career either you can start preparing for GATE and IES or you can build English speaking skill to higher level which in turn will help you get good placement if you are interested in working with private sector... And if you are not in hurry to get job then pursuing PhD from world class university is another career option and to move in this direction you should work on any project under a reputed Professor which would help you in getting admission ..
2021-01-26 15:10:19 Anoop Singh
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