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Gate preparation
I have purchased made easy postal package, so that I can complete subjects as it gets completed in my college. But now in 4th sem, I am getting no time to devote towards gate preparation. Can you suggest me how to go for it? And first of all is it right time to start preparation? And what all I can do now for gate preparation?
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asked     2021-01-16 21:29:48 Ayushman shukla
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Dear Ayushman, it's absolutely right time to start your GATE preparation as in past few years cracking this exam is getting more difficult due to increased inclination of students towards this exam... You have well planned that Made Easy material has to be completed along with your general semester book ... Now coming to the point that you are not able to devote time to this material, I would suggest that you try find out time in your free lecture, or in your lab period, or at weekend ... It wouldn't require much of your time once you have attended the lecture of that subject properly and has gone through your standard book for that subject... even 1hr per day will reward you a lot... Slowly slowly you will have covered almost all the GATE material because after end of every semester you would have sufficient time to cover the left out topics.... Wish you all the best
2021-01-17 19:33:52 Anoop Singh
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Dear Ayushman,
You have taken the right step and it is is the right time to start preparation for GATE.Your clarity of Concept is much required for clearing the GATE exam so focus on concepts . you can learn with the notes you have purchased also you can clear your concept from the books provided by the college.
Time management is most important for any exam. In college days much of your time get wasted in doing not necessary and not productive work like gossiping with friends. Please re analyse your activities for time management. You will definitely find more time for your studies from your non productive activity.
If after this you don't get much time then we can discuss about your daily schedule and reorient schedule for better time management
2021-01-17 19:44:40 Dheer
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Dear Ayushmaan,  it is never too early nor too late to start preparation for any competitive exam. The question which you have asked is a very common doubt of many engineering students aspiring to excel in gate. As you are in second year of your BTech, it is the perfect time to start building the foundation of your preparation for GATE. You have 2 more years to get a decent score in GATE.  Now, coming to the preparation, do attempt your next GATE exams every year from now on as it will give you the real time exam experience which will help you when you will give the exam in your final exam or after engineering. Now GATE exam checks your understanding of the subject and that too in a deeper sense. The 2nd and 3rd year of engineering are the most relevant and core technical learning  years for a BTech student.  GATE syllabus is therefore 80-90% of these 2 years only. So, as u are in second year focus on your academic subjects and go through the MADEEASY Material as it is best in the market. Build the concept and keep attempting the last years questions and do not worry about the time too much as in GATE, conceptual clearity supercedes the timing and you will get ample time in ur exam if ur concepts are clear. So, start the journey to GATE. ALL THE BEST
2021-01-18 12:50:46 NITESH KOTHARI
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