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Admission in college after 12(B.tech)
Which should i prefer? Either a good college or a good brach?

Like i am interested in CSE branch.And it is best among other branches too.
I am getting admission in CSE in not so good college and getting ECE in good college.
There is a little interest for ECE too but more for CSE.  SO, WHAT SHOULD I PREFER A GOOD COLLEGE OR A GOOD BRANCH?
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asked     2020-08-15 20:56:44 Sakshi
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Hi Sakshi. This is not either or situation. You have to select a good college as well as branch of your interest. But this dilemma is faced by most of the students. I will suggest a good college because branch can be changed after 1st year but college can not be changed. But let me caution you that changing branch is very tough task. So decide carefully.

Further, you have not mentioned which colleges are under your consideration. Hence I request to post the name of colleges just like branches, so that they can be compared.
2020-08-16 11:13:35 Anil Kumar Khedar
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