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How I improve my writing of Hindi and English? 
Do this can affect my upsc preparation?
Career UPSC/State PSC
asked     2020-07-20 23:11:23 Vishnu Kumar Gurjar
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Thanks for the wonderful query you have raised, many people face the same situation
To improve writing, you have to build reading habits.
a) Reading habit should not be mechanical.  Students read huge lots of reading in everyday life. but their reading is mechanical they read like a parrot. Reading should be done like a human not like a parrot, Reading is a learning proccess. Read to learn not to secure good scores.
Eg. In CAT/GRE exam students read more than 1000/1500 english words, even they secure good marks too, but once the exam over they forget the words, because their learning is mechanical they dont know how to use these words in real life.. So read to learn the concept and once the concept is clear, it can help in your writing ability.

b) While writing: Thoughts should be clear and in lucid language..

In UPSC exam: writing section matters a lots:
Analytical writing: In analytical writing, answer should be address with facts and logic. 

"Practise more which you donโ€™t know"
2020-07-20 23:21:22 Sukanya Roy
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