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How do i start
I am a B.Tech student(civil 4th year currently)  My goal is to become an ips officer but dont know how i should start for that.
Career UPSC/State PSC
asked     2020-07-20 23:10:26 Mohammed Aabas Rather
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Dear Abbas it is the right time to start the preparation for UPSC
Old NCERT books from 6 to 10th class are the starting point for the UPSC exam. Apart from this you can read two very important books M Laxmikant Indian polity and Bipin Chandra for modern history. you should start reading one  National newspaper. the most preferred newspaper for UPSC is Hindu you should start understanding the current national topics and international topics by this news paper.
2020-07-26 09:28:20 Dheer
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