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How to Study the subject
How we go through the subject and how to concentrate the study ?
In what way we can go through the subject?
Career Diploma
asked     2020-07-20 23:09:47 SHIVAM AGRAWAL
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"Every morning you  wake please try to answer " Am I in the driver seat to take my charge and my responsibility"  this simple  question helps you to achieve your 80% of your life goal and rest 20% depends on the self-discipline
How to concentrate on the study for long hours:
 A) Stay away from distractions (switch off ur personal gadgets during personal work). Make a distraction sheet if any thoughts came into your mind penned down your thoughts in the distractions sheet 
b) Organize your study space distraction less its helps you to stay on focus.  
c) Try to write more (Keep pen and paper and try to jot down notes. Writing helps to stay away from laziness and keep more active during the study, it also helps you to build more content.
d) Read loudly and actively: Reading loudly helps to you to clear your concept. Reading loudly helps you to step away from distractions.
e) To keep mind calm meditation is vital medicine, it helps to increase your concentration.
2020-07-21 15:43:45 Sukanya Roy
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