Short Stories

  Disability Could Not Stop  

  Dheer         2022-07-21 02:22:18

Most of the time we are hearing the stories of bad luck as a reason for failure. However when hard work and determination combines, even permanent disability could not stop a person from having success . In this story a person with disability took loan for his livelihood and started one small shop. After years of handwork he came up with a very famous retail store …”Vishal Megha Mart”. 
Ram Chandra Aggarwal was born into a common family. Even after several tries of his family could not even learn to walk well and became a victim of paralysis. However, he could walk with the help of crutches forever. The family members were worried about his future. But, something else was going on in Ramchandra’s mind. He decided that he would beat poverty at all costs and make a name for himself in the society.
For this, he first focused on his studies. Once his studies were complete, he started looking for a job, so that he could help the family with household expenses. It was not easy for him to get a job due to being a Divyang, but he continued. Sadly, despite all efforts, he did not get a job anywhere. It was a difficult time for Ramchandra, but he was not broken.
He decided that he would start his own business. For this, he took help from some of his friends and opened shop in 1986 by borrowing some money. This was Ramachandra’s first step towards success. After this, he did not look back. He entered the textile industry in 1994 after a photo copy shop. He tried his luck by opening a clothing shop in Kolkata’s Lal Bazar.
After doing similar work for about 15 years, in 2001-02, he laid the foundation of Vishal Retail. Visually, Vishal Retail grew and Ramchandra became a big name in the business world. In the journey ahead, he established the huge Megamart and thus became the owner of Crore Rupees Business. Ramchandra also saw a bad phase in his journey, when his company went bankrupt.
He even had to sell his company’s stock. Shri Ram Group had bought the stake of his company Vishal Retail. In this way her company survived the sale, but it was split in two. Ramchandra moved ahead with his wisdom and has once again started making his land in the market in the retail market. His company V2 retail market is one of the fastest emerging retail markets in India.