Short Stories

  Dream to Fly  

  Rajan V Kokkuri         2021-01-04 06:39:17

The phone rang while I was about to do the web check in to fly from Muscat to Kochi. 'Sir, this is a call from customer services, Airlines.'
I was little worried hearing that call was from Airlines. The lady continued her talk. 'Sir, we can upgrade you to the Business class for very little amount.' 
I had already received a email regarding the upgradation and declined the offer. The offer price was 50%  of my economy class.' 
'Sir, I am also from your place in Kerala, why don't you spent some extra money?' I got little annoyed but hid the feeling and replied to her. 
'Look sister, it is not that I can't afford that extra amount but a simple policy that we should not waste the money which may be very essential minimum survival amount for an average person.' 
There was a sound of laughte at the other side. She said. 'Sir, you are trying to avoid me with some story.' 
I said. 'No, if you have patience to listen to me I will tell a story. You may judge me after hearing the story.'
I was 8 years old and lived in a village ancestor house which had no electricity during time.
 We had to walk many Kilometres bare foot. In those days seldom we took the private bus to school which was just 10paise at that time.
Our village had a railway gate and that had helped us to get a free drop in some vehicles to the school. 
One of my relative who served in British Indian army. He asked me once. 'What do you want to become when you grew up?' 
I had no second thought and replied. 
'I want sit in a revolving chair and work under the fan.' You may wonder 'Is it s dream?'.
Yes, it was a dream that time. Years passed, I had finished my 10th grade in Kerala and moved to Bangalore along with my father. 
The difficulties was part of the education period.  Dad got me a carpenter made Drawing board and T-Square.
I got my first job in BPL group and later joined TVS group. My career took a major turn with the CAD/CAE training I received from there. 
Years passed and I landed up in the Oil rich Gulf and grew financially. I did not only stop just growing in my career but also continued my passion of writing stories.
I crossed the hurdles with mere hardwork and my dedication. 
I pursued my dream and tried my hands at many things and achieved few things in my life.
I do not wish to forget my hard day's.
I made a full stop to the talk and asked her. 'Are you still with me dear?' 
She replied. 'Yes sir, we are hounored to fly you in our flight.'. I relpied, 'Thank you very much.' 
She said, 'We are upgrading you free , from now onwards you are our special guest.'
I replied. 'Thank you.'

By Rajan V Kokkuri
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