Girl just be the way you are!!  

  Niharika Yogi       2020-07-02 02:27:28

When people tell you
You are not beautiful, 
You should say
You are no less than fool, 
They say-you should change yourself
You think-why i can't be myself
Dear they came straight out of the bar, 
Girl just be the way you are

They do comments
On your dark skin, 
Telling you that
It's good to have a light tint, 
They say-put some cream on your face
You think I don't wanna be in this race
Tell them loud that you are happy with your scar, 
Girl just be the way you are

They tell you
Look at your fat, 
Keep judging you
You should keep your belly flat, 
They say-neighbour's daughter is so lean
You think-how can you be so mean
Believe me dear you are a superstar, 
Girl just be the way you are.