Shipping can be categorized into three work segments:
The first area has shipping companies, which have an administrative set up manned with personnel who take care of the logistics, and the general documentation required by the industry.
There are vessels which move passengers and cargo and have on board the ships crew who are responsible for its running on the scheduled routes and for overseeing and liasoning the loading and offloading operations while the ship is docked.
The third area of work is at the docks and ports where the ships are loaded and unloaded and all documentations and other formalities are completed. 

Working on docks and ports is not quite an easy task. Need to work in open most of the time. Noisy and dusty environment

Courses & Work Area
Traffic Clerks
Stevedores & Superintendents
Loading and Unloading
Physical Labour
Dip in Shipping Management

Alagappa University
MBA in Shipping

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