Petroleum engineers apply the principles of geology, physics and engineering sciences for the recovery development and processing of petroleum. Exploration work involves locating oil and gas sources.

Working Conditions
Work includes design work, cost estimates, scheduling and supervision.

They work in oil exploration on the high seas, forests, deserts, plains and mountains. They must have curiosity to understand the complex ways of handling a task, an eye for detail, an ability to take responsibility and work with a team.

Courses & Work Area
Mining & Petroleum Engineers
Recovery & Processing of Petroleum
Finding Resource of valuable mineral deposits
Petroleum: Planning & Exploration, Design, Excavation, Refining, R&D, Environment Protection, Sales
Geoscience Engineers
Formation of oil contents in rocks
Petrophysical specialist, Field petroleum engineer, Drilling engineer, production engineer, Reservoir engineer
ONGC, Coal India Limited
B.E/B.Tech (Mining, Metallurgy)

Courses & Work Area
Oil Exploration & Production
Refinery & Marketing
Petro-Chemical & downstream units
Production, Refining, Transportation, Marketing
PG Dip/B.Tech
Industrial Chemistry, Oil Fats & Waxes, Paints & Varnishes

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