Medical Transcription
Office simulated work.

Ability to sit and work for long hours in one place is required. Medical transcriptionists must have a good command over English, an ability to understand and transcribe American speech loaded with medical terminology, ability to understand diverse accents, dialectical variations and others.

Healthcare and Hospital Management
Job is office based with constant visits to various hospital departments and community centres.

Ability to deal with people from diverse backgrounds is an essential quality of hospital administration.

Medical Technologists – Radiographers and Optometrists
Work in hospitals, clinics, etc.

They need to have a scientific bend of mind. Diagnosis requires the use of diagnostic equipment for radiological, pathological, biochemical or microbial and opthalmological investigations. Precision, accuracy and meticulous handling is essential for carrying on the job.

They work in hospitals, retail/wholesale medical shops and research institutes.

They must have scientific bend of mind and should have interest in medicine.

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