Merchant Marine vessels can be categorized into the Deck, Engine and the Steward departments each over seen by officers. The main officers on the ship are Executives or Navigators or Engineers. 

Working Conditions
Based on the type of ships, we need to adapt to our work. Old ships are not of excellent shape. 

The jobs call for genuine interest that can help the entrant adjust with ease and confidence. The ability to withstand long stretches of hard work in an emergency situation on board a vessel and to bear the physical strain, needs a person with tough mental and physical self to sustain through such stress. 

Courses & Work Area
Chief Engineer  Propulsion
Second Engineering Officer  Engine Room
3rd, 4th & 5th Officer  Fuel & Water
Electrical Officer
Radio Officers  Electronics In-charge

Chanakya  3 year in Nautical Sciences
Marine Engg Research Institute (Calcutta/Mumbai)

Courses 	: Certificate / Diploma courses in
			  Marine Radio Officer.
			  Deck Rating, Engine Rating.
			  Merchant Navy Cadets, etc..
Eligibility 	: Pass in +2. Age (18-24 years)
Duration 	: 6 months / 1 year / 2 year
Cost 	: not available 
Scope 	: Jobs in shipping Companies, Private Sector & Government Sector

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