Leather industry has 2 main areas – the processing of raw leather to finished leather ready for the manufacturing industries and design, production and marketing of finished leather goods. Leather technologists are trained in the treatment of animal skin and are involved in directing and supervising the processing of raw hide.

Working Conditions
Leather technologists work in tanneries. The work is practical and can be messy particularly at the stage of processing of the hides and skin. If tanneries are not modernised, it might have noxious smell.

The work of technologists requires adaptability, problem solving skills, scientific acumen (mainly chemistry) and practical ability in manufacturing industries. Aptitude for managing people is needed. Good communication skills are required for written reports and verbal communication. 

Courses & Work Area
Leather Tanning
Processing hides of goats, …
Research & Quality Control
Marketing & Sales
Leather Product Manufacturing
Footwear Tech
NIFT, New Delhi
CLRI, Chennai
Footwear Design & Development Institute, Noida
Central Footwear Training Institute, Agra

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