Home Science has been defined as a field of study built upon many disciplines for the purpose of achieving and maintaining the welfare and well-being of home and family life in an ever-changing society.

Working Conditions
The home environment is diverse: Schools, aircraft cabins, textile printing and designing departments, hotels, hospitals, research organizations, marketing divisions, etc.

Home Science offers varied areas for specialization hence the work environment too is diverse. The subject is largely scientific in nature and hence requires an analytical mind the scientific acumen. 

Courses & Work Area
Dietetics & Nutrition
Child Development
Textile Designing
Jobs: Toys design, Dressmaking, Food analysts.
Dip in Dyeing & Prating, Dip in Food and Nutrition, Dip in Early Childhood Care & Education
B.Sc(Home Sci)
Textile Chemistry
Textiles & Clothing
PG Dip in Dietetics
Dip in Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition
M.Sc (Applied Nutrition)

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