Engineers apply the theories and principles of science – physics, chemistry and mathematics for finding economical solutions to technical problems. They also have to determine the overall effectiveness, cost, reliability and safety.

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers
Electronic engineers have been involved in the invention, design, construction and operation of electronic systems and devices. Telecommunication engineers are involved in the designing, manufacture and operation of telecommunication devices.

Working Conditions
Work environment depends on the industry in which they work. Some engineers might be involved in sales and marketing jobs that involve travelling and dealing with market research personnel, agents and users. 

Analytical mind, strong problem solving abilities, sound mathematical and scientific foundation and a desire to be in constant pursuit of knowledge is required for success in engineering. 

Courses & Work Area
Technological Institute of Textiles & Science, Bhiwani
National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal
Manipal Institute of Technology
Indian Institute of Fire Engg, Nagpur
Electronic & Telecom Engg
Space & Defence
Industrial Products
Commercial Products
Electronic Components

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