An ideal cabin attendant is sociable with a naturally warm and pleasant personality and someone who can meet passengers’ needs through sincere yet professional service.
Two distinct sectors: Commercial and Military sectors are present. Regulations for the commercial aviation industry is determined by the apex body, Directory General of Civil Aviation in India (DGCA). 

Working Conditions
Pilots spend long hours on flight decks in a seated position. Pilots involve great responsibility both for the safety of the aircraft and safety of the passengers and crew.

Agility, stamina and good health are vital to attend to the stressful duties for long hours. Requires presence of mind, courage, physical fitness, determination, due to the risks which flying involves. They need to be self-confident and at east working with other people. 
Air hostesses must have a need appearance. They require a polite, pleasant and tactful manner with the ability to put people at east also described as ‘service aptitude’.
Aircraft engineers must be able to work in all types of weather conditions. Ability to work as a team is needed. 

Work Options
Air Hostess
Meteorologist (Interprets Weather Data)
Commercial  Airlines, Air services, Air Taxi
Military  Air Force
Pilots, Flight Attendants, Flight Despatchers, Flight Schedulers, Ground Crew, Flight Engineer
Engineers & Technical Division
Marketing  Advertisements
Fashion Designers  Crew dress designers
Security/Safety Department
Air Flow Control

Work Options
Communication Officers
Aerodrome Officers
Airworthiness Officers
Airport Mangers & Administrative Managers

Student Pilot License
Only Oral Exam
10th Standard & 16 Years Age
Private Pilot License
Initial Flying Training
Theory Exam
60 Hours Flying

Courses, Institutes
Commercial Pilot License
250 Hours Flying
+2 with Maths & Physics
Commercial Helicopter Pilots License
40 Hours Flying
Aircraft Mechanics
B.Sc + 2 Years Practical Experience
+2 with Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engg
Air Traffic Controller
Engineering degree in Electronic/Radio/Telecom
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy (IGRUA)
B.Sc (Aviation)
MIT, Madras
B.Tech from B.Sc or M.Tech

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