Sukhram Pindel


  Great mentor and Excellent Student  

“गुरु गोविंद दोऊ खड़े, काके लागूं पांय , बलिहारी गुरु आपकी, गोविंद दियो बताय |”----Kabir Das
Every student is taught by several teachers but only a few teachers always remain in a student's life forever. This story is dedicated to all the teachers who spare their full life for the welfare of students.
“My favorite teacher Sh Daryavaji Chaudhary (A science teacher) told me to become a RAS officer when I was in 10th Class. I was not aware of the exam at that time, don’t even know the full form of RAS. But I thought “गुरूजी ने कहा है तो सही ही कहा होगा” and promised him to become as RAS officer. I will remain thankful to him” ----Sukhram Pindel(RAS officer)
Education has no boundaries, any student from any caste, creed, religion, language, or region will definitely get success when he does studies with hard work and dedication.
Mr. Sukhram was a poor boy whose father was a shepherd and belongs to far-flung areas of Nagaur District in Rajasthan started his career with a very small govt job Gram Sevak and reached up to the highest level of Govt job in Rajasthan “Sub Divisional Magistrate”. He got 4th rank in the very prestigious Rajasthan Administrative Service Exam. He gave all credits for his success to his best teacher Sh Daryavaji Chaudhary and  Sh Jeetendra Kumar JI Soni (District Collector-Jhalawar) who motivated him to prepare for the RAS exam.
He took science as a core subject after 10th standard as he had heard somewhere that getting govt jobs is easy in science although his favorite subject was history. He got good marks in his Intermediate examination. Many of his friends went to Kota for Coaching for NEET examination but his family conditions were not supported to take coaching for any examination. He took admission in B.Sc. and started his hard work to take any govt job. 
He got his first success as a Gram Sevak. He informed Mr. Chaudhary but he was reluctant to listen and reminded Mr. Sukhram about his goal. This was the lean period for him and he did post-graduation from different subjects and also started preparing for the RAS examination.
He got his second success as a school lecturer. He called his favourite teacher to share his happy moments but his teacher said, “तुझे तो RAS  बनना था, तुम कैसे खुश हो रहे हो?”.
He again started his studies and got selected as a RAS officer and got a 350 rank. He again called his favorite teacher for his success but Mr. Chaudhary asked, “SDM की पोस्ट मिल जाएगी???”.
Mr Sukhram answered the question with a heartfelt No. Then he decided to never call his teacher again about any of his success until he becomes an SDM.
After 2 years of hard work he got the 4th rank in the RAS exam and posted as an SDM.
Finally, his dream comes true due to the persuasion of a great teacher and an excellent mentor.
We generally forget our teachers after getting success but Mr. Sukhram Pindel was different he mentioned the name of his teacher on every platform. He gave all credits to his teacher.
Big Salute to Great Teacher Mr Daryav Ji Chaudhary and Great Pupil Mr Sukhram Pindel