Chemistry is a study of substances, their properties, structures and transformations. Chemists study what substances are made of and how they can be combined to make new materials. 

Working Conditions
The job of chemical scientists depends on the area of specialisation. The study involves chemical analysis, synthesis, research and sampling of solids, liquids or gases for determining their composition, properties, physical and chemical changes. 

Chemistry as a subject for higher study requires a strong scientific base. Scientists involve themselves a lot of experimental work in laboratories as well as researching through theoretical data.

The jobs chemical scientists are involved in are related to industries manufacturing diverse products, hence the work environment is highly variable. Nevertheless, in the production of chemicals and allied products there is a significant amount of risk in handling poisonous chemicals.

Courses & Work Area
Chemical in Drug industry, food industry, plastics, …
Organic/Inorganic/Physical/Analytical/Industrial Chemists
Chemical Engineers (Process)
Chemical Engineering Technician (Production)
Chemical Technician (R&D)
Non-Production Jobs

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